"Especially in complex and complicated matters such as the purchase or sale of apartments or houses, it is ultimately about relationships between people."

Ralph Anderl
worldwide sheet glasses salesman
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Fassade eines modernen Neubaus, Fenster reiht sich an Fenster, Bäume und gegenüberliegende Gebäude spiegeln sich. Davor zwei stählerne, gewendelte Feuertreppen.

"I appreciate the relaxed and straightforward nature of H+K communication. I would hire H+K again at any time, if I had another apartment to sell."

signature Peter Gotschalk
Peter Gotschalk
managing director and real estate professional
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Ein von unten nach oben fotografiertes Treppenauge in einem gelben Klinkertreppenhaus und einer Natursteintreppe mit metallenem Handlauf.

"Now I know the real estate market in Berlin as well as I know the real estate market in Moscow, and most importantly, I dealt with Herbert + Kohlmeyer in my native language."

Signature Elena Kopnyaeva
Elena Kopnyaeva
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Eine gemütliche Wohnküche mit einer grauen Einbauküche, Tafelanstrich anstelle eines Fliesenspiegels, einer kleinen roten Kommode, hohen Fenstern und einem Tisch mit roten Stühlen.

"After I found a tenant, Herbert + Kohlmeyer helped me further with the communication between me and the tenant, so that I could hold in the apartment a quick “ancestoral appeasing ceremony“ in accordance with Chinese tradition and custom."

signature Xiang Zhong
Zhong Xiang
IT Professional
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Berliner Allee Facade

"… it was important to Herbert + Kohlmeyer that their customer is satisfied even after the actual sale was through. I found this exceptional."

Chris Peschanel
Head of Global Issue Management
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Eine saftige Wiese und grüne Laubbäume und Büsche, hinter denen sich die Spitze eines alten Kirchturms erhebt.

"Actually, it was very easy to find an apartment in Berlin. We've paid a visit to Herbert + Kohlmeyer."

Jörg Bremer
journalist, historian and author
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„We appreciate the comprehensive and well-founded understanding of the real estate market of Herbert + Kohlmeyer and can recommend the company as a very professional, dedicated and pleasant business partner.“

Signature Lene Mortensen
Lene Mortensen
managing director Taekker Berlin
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Oranienburger Str.

"The last 12 years with you guys were fun. I’m looking forward to further developments."

Dirk Bösel
builder and developer
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Project Wilhelmine-Gemberg-Weg

„I can only give the best testimony to Herbert + Kohlmeyer, the support is timely and reliable.“

Signature Jürgen Abraham
Jürgen Abraham
entrepreneur and property owner
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Lychener Str.

“Especially the remarkably relaxed way of conducting the negotiations was very enjoyable to me - and I’m aware of the fact that these negotiations haven’t always been that easy.”

Signature Prof. Dr. Ing. Steffen Lehmann
Prof. Dr. Ing. Steffen Lehmann
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„I have had experience of both buying and letting an apartment in Prenzlauer Berg, and without the help of Herbert + Kohlmeyer, neither would have happened.”

Signature Richard Hart-Jones
Richard Hart-Jones
personell manager, retired
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