For Buyers

You are looking for a condominium for self-use? A study apartment for your daughter or your son? Or are you looking for a property as a second residence? A family apartment with four, five or six rooms? An apartment with terrace and garden as a retirement home? You want to use the low interest rates and are simply looking for a valuable investment property?

Whether you are looking for a house or apartment for your own use, or want to find a capital investment, we will do our best to help. Just let us know what you need.

H+K has more than fifteen years of experience working successfully in the Berlin property market. We know what to do, how to do it, and when. Just ask us.

How to find your new condo

Buying a condo is a significant event for most people and not commonplace. Accordingly, it is also important to think about what qualities the new apartment should have. After all, it should be the right apartment. These questions should be considered at the beginning of your search:

  • As should the new apartment used become? (Self-use or rental, second home, retirement, investment?) Also think about whether use in the future may change.
  • Which size should it have, how many rooms ?
    Our tip : More is always possible if the price is right. Important is the minimum size ,
  • Which other factors are important? Old or new building, an elevator must be available, the apartment must be handicapped accessible or barrier-free, you need a parking space in an underground car park, you value a balcony or would you like a garden apartment?
    Our tip : Limit yourself to the really important features, so you do not exclude too much.
  • Which is by no means in question ? For example, ground floor apartments or attics, 4. Floor without lift, side wing or rear building, north orientation or the location on a busy road.
    Our tip : Do not make compromises that you will regret later. But keep in mind that beauty is always in the eye of the beholder and sometimes you can be surprised by reality.
  • Which location Do you prefer? Which districts? East or West? Town center or outskirts? Busy or quiet?
    Our tip : Again, do not limit yourself too much. If you are unsure, take your time and explore the city. We also like to inspire you if you like.
  • Finally, the available budget , Of course we would like to offer you only suitable apartments in the ideal case.

Important : When planning, keep in mind that in the case of purchase in addition to purchase price also incidental purchase costs incurred, notary fees, land transfer tax and agency fees. These are – depending on the object and the purchase contract – between 7,5% and 15% of the purchase price, which you have to calculate.

Now, after yours Roughly defined search criteria is the right time to contact us. You give us your requirements and we arrange a first Consultation in our office , in which we gladly answer your questions eg to the Berlin market or the process of the purchase process. For this occasion, we can already present the first suitable objects from our diverse range.

Perhaps you have already made a specific request via our website or an internet portal and would like to receive an exposé or would like to arrange a viewing.

By the way : Home visits are usually individual and private at H+K.